Monday, December 17, 2007

The "No title" Post post.

Today I woke up and started thinking about all of the things I had to do for today (something I always do when I wake up, it just is natural to me) and usually when I get up I thank the Lord for the day and just stuff in general. Today was one of those days that went like this... Wake up Stephanie you have 2 billion things to do today you can not go back to sleep! WAKE UP! Then all my thoughts rushed in my head, as I was walking into the bathroom to take my morning shower which is were I do my morning praying. OK I have to do this I have to that, and I heard the Lord's voice in the midst of my crazy thoughts "Hi! How is your morning going?" (Now for those of you who do not know me all that well I am NOT a morning person. In order for me to be a somewhat morning person I have to have my coffee.)

So after hearing his sweet loving voice I was thinking to myself without my coffee in a somewhat grouchy mood "gee Jesus how many cups of coffee have you had this morning? I have not had any this morning and I NEED mine so I can be as chipper as you" I could hear him laughing. He was laughing at what I asked him! He was laughing at me! ME!! He then said "Stephanie you really do not need your morning coffee to be chipper with me." I then started thinking "What Jesus? Have you lost your mind I'm NOT a morning person" He started laughing again and said "No, You can always drink your coffee so you can be a somewhat morning person. That is not what I meant. I meant that my word says "Today is the day the Lord has made rejoice and be glad in it" see what I mean I do not mind if you drink your coffee but I do mind if you are not rejoicing in me I like hearing your voice I like when you talk to me."

I thought to myself "Duh Stephanie!" I said "Lord I'm so sorry I did not mean to put you last I just, I mean I do not know what I was thinking you are right. This is YOUR day a day YOU blessed me with and I forgot to say thanks. So thanks."

Have you ever had that happen? You are in the midst of a billion things or it seems like a billion thoughts are running through your head and he just sits there smiles and just waits for you to say "Hi Jesus! How are you today? Thanks for the wonderful day you gave me! (even if to you it might not seem that wonderful) I think that we all have attendance to let the Lord slip through the cracks and that is why I am posting about my morning. So I encourage anyone who reads this to just look outside, at your kids or whatever and give thanks one more time let our Heavenly Father know just how much you really do appreciate Him and what He did for us. Especially during this time of year. Because He really enjoys the sound of our voices, they are like music to His ears.

Be blessed today and make sure you tell Jesus you love Him!

Most Gracious Heavenly Father,
I come before you Lord and I just want to thank you for your love, your mercy, your wisdom, your knowledge, and most importantly I want to thank you for dying on that tree 2 thousand years ago so I can have eternal life and so I can serve you. Thank you for this day, let me be a blessing to others where ever I go. Help me use your wisdom and knowledge. Lord help me shine your light through this day and every day. I love you Lord.

It's in Jesus wonderful precious name I pray


Isaiah5513 said...

Q says, "I knew that was S's blog!"

Bobbi said...

I love you Doodlebugs! I hope you have a blessed and terrific day at work (if it's blessed, which I know it is, it will be terrific! Right?)

scotschooler said...

Great post! Thanks for sharing your conversation with Jesus. I need to go talk to Him a little while now too ...